Every woman is leading in some capacity.

Whether at work, leading a small group, or leading and discipling your children, it is my deepest desire to help equip you with resources, tools and truth so that you live with purpose and passion.

But, many women are living life from a place of fear.

They believe messages like: 

“I’m not enough.”

“I need to be better at ____________.”

“If only ____________ would happen, then I would be happy.”

“I don’t need anyone else, I can do this on my own.”

Let’s work together to turn the lies and messages you are listening to into truth filled, life giving messages.


We will shine a light on all the ways fear is preventing you from living your purpose and pursuing your dreams.

I will equip you with tools and share wisdom with you that will lead you down a path of courage and strength. Then, I will support you in practicing and implementing these strategies to bring life giving change.

You were created for such a time as this.


Life coaching allows me to empower YOU with what God has taught me. I do so from a Biblical and eternal perspective.

I offer coaching on topics such as the ministry of marriageraising your family with purpose and passion, how to have connected relationships with your teenagers, overcoming addictions, being a wise steward with your finances and paying off debt, growing and sustaining a business, and bringing faith into the workplace.

I would be honored to help you take the step from asking, “What am I here on this earth for?” to bolding declaring, “I am confident about my purpose for such a time as this!”

Knowing your purpose and intentionally living it out every single day is what leads to a truly satisfying and fulfilling life.

Let me help you live life confidently, passionately and positively!

Irma Mospan entered my life in July 2015. I have had the pleasure of being her friend, business partner, and sister in the faith.
She has taught me so much by her actions, sharing her experiences in her life good and bad, she encourages me to live life to it’s fullest. She speaks only truth and has much wisdom. To have her as a life coach is absolutely life changing! Thank you for investing in me.

Julie Carter

Want to discuss life coaching?

Contact me to set up your complimentary 15 minute session so that we can explore whether coaching would be a good fit for you!



  • The woman who desires life giving, fulfilling relationships especially with her children, husband, co-workers, family members and friends.
  • The woman who is ready to let go of perfectionism and performing and pleasing and is eager to learn how to love herself in the most tender and compassionate way.
  • The woman is who is done living with a victim-mentality and is ready to stop blaming. She is prepared to forgive and move towards healing and growing into the woman she is created to be.
  • The woman who knows she was created for much more than the life she is living right now. She feels stuck and as though something is missing. She’s ready to step forward in faith to pursue her dreams and goals. She is ready to live for such a time as this.

I was feeling lost, with no purpose or direction, exhausted by having to put on my game face everyday. I was a hot mess. Until I met Irma. It started with our Bible study. I committed, was faithful, and my marriage started to change.

I immediately jumped at the chance to work with her as my life coach. After our very first emotional session, I began to feel hope. The next day I surrendered to YHWH, began my “homework” and that very day He revealed/confirmed blessings to me through my obedience. I can hardly wait for our next session! I am eternally grateful!

Michele Kenton